If you are planning to visit the Colombian Amazon and you don’t know what to see and where to go, you should know that Leticia, Puerto Nariño, and its surroundings offer a large array of attractions and numerous services.

What to do in Leticia and its surroundings?

Leticia is the gateway to the Colombian Amazon, located only 2 or 3 kilometers from the International Airport Alfredo Vásquez Cobo. This city on the banks of the largest river in the world, also known as the meeting point between three borders: Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. Leticia offers you a large array of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, canopy, ecological walks, flora and fauna observation. Are you ready to discover the Colombian Amazon? Take a look at the following areas.

Reserva Natural Tanimboca

This reserve offers a large array of outdoor activities such as kayaking, climbing as well as of course a walk through the jungle. Furthermore, the Reserva Natural Tanimboca is famous for the tree houses. The Treehouses in Tanimboca are well-adapted cabins, at 6, 7 and 12 meters in height, with all the services necessary for a great rest.

Please note that this is the Amazon rainforest, you must follow the security rules and don’t forget to keep it clean. Once you start a thrilling hike across the rainforest, you will discover some of its secrets as well as admire the local animals like frogs and birds.

Later, you can climb the trees and slip by cables to 35 meters in height while admiring the breathtaking views of the imposing Colombian jungle. In this exciting “aerial tour” you will also be invited to cross a suspension bridge and perform a rappel descent. Later on, you can test your skills with the oars and embark in a kayak, towards the Maloca where you can enjoy a delicious lunch, with typical food of the area.

Amazon World Ecological Park

A couple of kilometers before arriving at Tanimboca from Leticia, you will find Mundo Amazónico Ecological Park, another ideal place to explore the Colombian Amazon. Mundo Amazónico invites you to immerse yourself in the jungle through its 29 hectares of Nature Reserve, made-up of a jungle path, a botanical garden, a cultural village, an aquarium area and a restaurant.

Among its attractions highlights a cultural route where you can visit three “Malokas”, the indigenous word for house, representing some of the ethnic groups of the region: Ticuna, Bora, and Kodama. These Malokas recreate the way of life and traditions of the natives who inhabited them. Furthermore, the tour also offers the possibility of becoming a real Amazonian by using the natives hunting tools like darts and blowgun or bow and arrow.

In addition, you can learn more about the native medicinal plants. Take the medicinal path and learn about the ancestral wisdom that has transcended several generations. During the hike across the Mundo Amazónico Ecological Park, you must taste an exquisite tea that combines some of the aromatic herbs you have seen along the way, among them the stevia. Don’t forget to visit the aquarium, in it, you will see closely other species of the Amazon such as piranha, eel, and candiru.

Santander Park

Santander park is located in the very heart of Leticia. At dusk, from 5:30 p.m. hundreds of parrots arrive at this area and delight visitors with their singing. Also, you have the opportunity to climb the bell tower to be able to see from a privileged point the spectacle. Also, in Santander Park, you can admire the lake, home to numerous fishes and with the characteristic plant of the region: the Victoria Regia, the largest water plant at the Amazon.


Tabatinga is famous for being a city bordering Leticia, but that is part of Brazil. Generally, travelers go there to travel from Colombia to Brazil. Although the border as such does not exist, the only thing that identifies the change of country is a clock. Once you are in Tabatinga, the signs are immediately visible in Portuguese and along the street, you can see shops where you can get the traditional “Garoto chocolates”, Cachaça and sandals.


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