Things to do in the Capital of Colombia: Attractions in Bogota.

Bogota is a beautiful city, full of fascinating attractions visible through its picturesque old neighbourhoods and the surrounding nature. Furthemore, its beautiful buildings and public squares make evident the marked periods through which its history has passed.

Across the streets of Bogota, you will witness splendid facades of colonial architecture, as well as modern skyscrapers, certainly a unique blend of the modern and new. Bogotá is an important cultural jewel, both for the country and for all of Latin America. Are you ready to discover the top things to do in Colombia? If so, check out this post with the most wanted attractions in Bogota.

Attractions in Bogota

Barrio de La Candelaria

La Candelaria was one of the first settlements of the city and it’s the place where the Plaza Mayor of Santafé de Bogota was built almost 500 years ago. Its colonial architecture has been well-preserved over the years, so you will see beautiful old houses with carved wooden doors and wrought iron balconies. Thanks to its welcoming atmosphere and its beautiful colonial facades, La Candelaria is one of the best attractions in Bogota.

Plaza Bolivar

This stunning square is also part of the neighbourhood of La Candelaria but it’s so amazing that deserves a special chapter. Around this square, you will find the Cathedral Primada of Bogota and old Capilla del Sagrario, which dates from the 17th century.

Furthermore, around this square, you will see the impressive National Capitol, the seat of the nation’s government. The National Capitol connects with the colossal Palace of Narino, the lavish Presidential House. To the west is the Palace Liévano, that features an exquisite Renaissance French style and serves as the headquarters of the Mayor of Bogota, and to the north is the modern Palace of Justice.

Quinta de Bolívar

Quinta Bolivar was the home of Simon Bolivar and now serves as a museum. The museum displays the furniture, costumes and utensils used by El Libertador. Quinta Bolivar is divided into several rooms, all of them respecting the aesthetic and the areas inhabited by El Libertador. Certainly, a visit to the home of the leader of the Colombian independence movement is one of the best attractions in Bogota, perfect for all history lovers.

Museums in Bogotá

Bogota is home to a large number of interesting museums, like the Gold Museum and Botero’s Museums.

Gold Museum

This museum is home to a very interesting collection. The Gold Museum comprises about 34,000 pieces, legacy of the native cultures Muisca, Tairona, Quimbaya and Calima, among many others that lived throughout the Colombian territory. The collection of the Museum of has been declared a National Monument of Colombia. Furthermore, its Gold Collection is one of the most important in the world.

Museo Botero

This Museum has the largest collection of paintings and sculptures with the famous robust figures of the award-winning plastic artist Fernando Botero, a Colombian artist. This collection consists of 123 works of his own, as well as a private collection of works by Picasso, Dalí, Matisse, Monet, Renoir and Chagall.

National Museum of Colombia

Attractions in Bogota

This museum is not only the oldest museum in the country but also one of the oldest in the continent. Built in 1823, the building that houses the Museum was originally a prison. The Museum contains the largest collection of historical objects in Colombia, with more than 15,000 pieces of artworks and items representing national history, from archaeology and ethnography of native peoples to the avant-garde manifestations of contemporary Colombian art of the century 20th century.

Colombia with Kids: 3 destinations for visiting Colombia with Kids.

Colombia is a fabulous destination that offers a large array of beautiful areas perfect for all kind of travellers. Furthermore, this beautiful country is suitable for all audiences and is a very good alternative for families with kids. Despite, most parents believe that travel with kids is complicated, sometimes even dangerous; the truth is that is just a matter of time and organisation.

A family trip is a perfect opportunity to assure you and your kids and unforgettable experience, as you can enjoy fun activities altogether. So, on this post, we have selected 3 beautiful destinations perfect for you and your family. Check them out.

Colombia with Kids: 3 destinations for families.


Colombia with Kids

Like all the biggest capitals, Bogota is a city numerous leisure activities perfect for all the family members. The western part of the city has the main attractions for families with kids. This area is home to the extensive Simón Bolívar Park’s, the Amusement Park Salitre Mágico, the Botanical Garden, the Children’s Museum and the Maloka Interactive Museum.

On the other hand, the northern area of the city offers urban and country activities. This part of the city has a large number of parks, such as the Viceroy, the Country or the Chicó, as well as several shopping centres with cinemas and children’s games. At the Santa Fe Shopping Center, you will find DiverCity, a city where children are the only inhabitants, interact as adults. DiverCity is perfect to teach kids how to manage some everyday situations.

Also, you can visit Jaime Duque Park on the outskirts of Bogota. This park offers a large number of leisure activities, a fabulous train and a Zoo Park.  Furthermore, you can visit Panaca Theme Park. At this park, children have the opportunity to interact with animals while learning about ecological practices and environmental respect. As you can see, Colombia with kids is the perfect plan for unforgettable holidays.


Medellín is one of the most attractive destinations in Colombia thanks to its large cultural and leisure offer. Firstly, we suggest you visiting Pies Descalzos Park. At this park, both children and adults can enjoy fabulous activities and play in the park barefoot. Furthermore, Barefoot Park is home to the Interactive Museum EPM, with more than 200 experiments that seek to explain the physical principles.

In addition to Barefoot Park, Medellin features other fabulous locations, like Park of Wishes and the Planetarium. Next to these is the Explora Park, where science and nature are the protagonists and the Botanical Garden with beautiful green areas perfect for unwinding. Finally, another area perfect for the family is Guarne Lagoon. On the Lagoon, you will find camping areas and typical food restaurants. Certainly, the perfect plan to spend a quiet day, away from the urban environment, but a few minutes from the city.

Villa Leyva

Villa de Leyva is one of the most popular destinations in Boyacá and the favourite destination for locals. Its central square is famous for being the largest in Colombia, its restaurants serving delicious and varied dishes, and its surroundings for offering fascinating natural attractions such as the Blue Pozos, the Iguaqué Flora and Fauna Sanctuary or the Gondava theme park.

If you want to explore Colombia with kids on August, Villa de Leyva host the National Wind Festival and Las Cometas (Kites). During a weekend the sky of this colonial town is filled with colours, silhouettes of animals and abstract figures, which for hours compete to stay in the air.

As you can see Colombia offers a large array of outdoor activities perfect for everyone. If you want to visit Colombia with kids, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy any of these activities. Have you ever been to Colombia? Have you ever visit any of these locations? Comment!

Discover Colombia: 10 places you must visit in Colombia

Colombia is not a big country as what dimensions may refer, but it’s huge in attractions and outdoor activities. Sadly, Visit Colombia is not as easy as visit any other European destination. Mostly, because the country it’s not well connected by public transportation and rent a car might not be a good idea. Nevertheless, don’t let that put you off, in Colombia is a fabulous country, you will be able to explore and find a stunning place to make your holidays unforgettable.

Colombia is a country with dodgy reputation; however, the government has made a huge effort to make that change. Nowadays, Colombia is a country with beautiful cities and top attractions that certainly deserves to be explored. On this post, we have selected 10 beautiful places you must visit in Colombia. Join us on this journey and take a look at these lovely locations of South America.

Places you must visit in Colombia


10 places you must visit in Colombia

Undoubtedly, Cartagena is the Colombian tourist icon. The famous walled city also has stunning beaches, nearby islands and incredible sunsets. To rest, we recommend the neighbourhood of Getsemaní, which is also the best place to party. Please note, Cartagena is the most expensive city in Colombia, however, it is also the most beautiful area of the country.


Like any other capital, Bogotá is chaotic. But far from that, the capital has beautiful places like Cerro de Montserrat and its stunning panoramic views. Furthermore, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll along the neighbourhood of La Candelaria and visit The Plaza de Bolivar to feed the pigeons.

Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is located in the department of Boyacá. This small town with cobbled streets and white facades will transport you to ancient times. The city offers affordable accommodation options and features interesting museums.

Salto de Tequendama

It’s hard to believe that this natural wonder is located only 16 miles away from the chaotic capital of Colombia. On this area, you will find a fabulous hotel sitting on the edge of a cliff. The hotel offers stunning views of a waterfall that falls 127 meters making an imposing sound. According to a local legend, this was the favourite place for many suicidal, which is why after many paranormal acts inside the hotel, its owners decided to close it. Eventually, this hotel became a museum and a fabulous attraction that you must visit in Colombia.


Guatapé is very famous for its “Peñol” (Rock); there are many myths about its existence. Some people believe that it is a meteorite that fell, some other people say that it was a mountain that locals dug until arriving at the famous stone. No one knows wich story of real, but the truth is that it is a stunning rock. Don’t miss the chance to reach the top and admire the whole dam. But Guatapé is not only the Piedra del Peñol, the town is magical and it’s full of history.

In addition, If you like strong emotions, you cannot miss the opportunity to practice paintball at “La Manuela” an ex-hacienda of Pablo Escobar. Unfortunately, nowadays this hacienda is destroyed, however, this area provides a fabulous location perfect for paintball.


In Cali, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll along the river and admire the local churches while eating a delicious “cholado” (An icy beverage prepared with sweetened condensed milk and fruits). For touring? Definitely, you must visit Cristo Rey which is only 4 meters smaller than Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Cali is perfect for those looking for fun.

Valley de Cocora

Cocora Valley is famous worldwide thanks to its beautiful landscaped dotted with wax palms that reach over 60 meters (The highest palms in the world). As a matter of fact, this palm has been declared the national tree of the country. Furthermore, this beautiful valley is the birthplace of Quindo River and constitutes one of the numerous entries of Parque Natural de Los Nevados. Entering the valley is free and you can walk for hours under these fabulous palm trees.


The capital of the Colombian department of Antioquia is one of the most beautiful cities of Colombia. Medellin has a modern transportation system, efficient infrastructure and a pleasant climate through the whole year. Furthermore, the city boasts an idyllic location surrounded by stunning mountains, the reason why is a city full of parks. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the best arepas in the country.

El santuario de las Lajas

The Sanctuary of the Lajas is a powerful structure built on a canyon with waterfalls and a mighty river at its feet. The Lajas Sanctuary located in Ipiales near the border with Ecuador is undoubtedly a must-visit place in Colombia for everyone.

Cabo de la Vela

visit in Colombia

Away from everything, very close to Venezuela, in the desert of La Guajira, you will find Cabo de la Vela. The area is very hot, as it is in the desert but the beach is right there, so you can enjoy a bath in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Certainly, Cabo de la Vela combine to perfection arid landscapes and stunning beaches.

Here our selection with the top places to visit in Colombia! Have you ever been to any of these? Would you like to add something else? Comment!

A visit to the sanctuary of Las Lajas: The most beautiful church in the world

Many churches are part of the tourist attractions of many places, either because of its antiquity or its architecture. The Sanctuary of Las Lajas amazed everyone thanks to its medieval architecture and its amazing location. This lovely location is one of the most photographed places in Colombia. Are you planning to spend your next holidays in Colombia? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the most beautiful church in the world.

Where is the Sanctuary of Las Lajas?

A visit to the sanctuary of Las Lajas

Located in the municipality of Ipiales, The Sanctuary of Las Lajas is only 3 km from the border with Ecuador and belongs to the department of Nariño. While you are visiting this area, don’t forget to try the “Cuy”. A Cuy is a South American guinea pig. The cuy is one of the most popular ingredients in Ecuadorian and Colombian gastronomy thanks to its tender meat. Always accompanied by “pira” maize, steamed potatoes, peanut butter and cooked egg mixed with red chilli. Don’t miss the chance to try this delicious dish.

About the Sanctuary of Las Lajas.

The Sanctuary of Las Lajas was built on a slab that measures 3.20 high by 2.30 meters wide. This stone belongs to this geographical area and it’s located fifty meters above the river. The sanctuary of the Lajas, considered “the miracle of God on the abyss“, is visited every year by 750,000 parishioners. Certainly, Its most notorious characteristic is its exquisite Gothic style. However, it’s also fabulous how this construction rises from a canyon to a height of 100 meters on the river Guáitara. Declared in 2066 a sight of Cultural Interest of National Character, undoubtedly, this Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful areas of Colombia. The grey and white stone construction consist of three naves raised on a bridge of two arches that crosses the river and which functions as a sort of square.

To access, you must walk through a wide staircase with two hundred sixty-six steps that descend to one side of the sanctuary. To reach the atrium you must cross a bridge over the river that has guardian angels. From this bridge, you can admire frontally the sanctuary. Certainly, if you are visiting Colombia, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary of Las Lajas. Tell us what do you think about this beautiful construction?

5 Theme Parks in Colombia: Fabulous attractions for everyone

Colombia is a country that offers a wide range of tourist alternatives; So year after year is visited by millions of travellers who come attracted to its large array of ecological, cultural, adventure, family and business options. On all these options we cannot fail to mention the Theme Parks, which are one of the activities that have become super popular in recent years, both locally and internationally.

So if you plan to tour Colombia and still have not chosen a destination, we present five theme parks in Colombia that can help you with your decision.

5 Theme Parks in Colombia

National Coffee Park

Located near Armenia the National Coffee Park is an attraction that you should visit if you are in Colombia. The Coffee National Park was born almost 20 years ago as an initiative of the National Federation of Coffee Growers and the Committee of Coffee Growers of Quindío. Its main objective is to show its visitors the importance of its guild for the economy of the country, without leaving aside a fundamental aspect that involves this activity: nature and its preservation.

If you visit the Park to learn more regarding the coffee culture, the first thing to visit is the Interactive Coffee Museum. After that, we suggest you visit the traditional Cafetal or the Coffee Variety Garden and go to “Casa Campesina” which represents a typical house of the area. Furthermore, the National Coffee Park features a thrilling Roller coaster, carousel, bumper cars, bumper boats, and much more. Certainly, this is one of the best theme parks in Colombia, perfect for families.

National Park of the Agricultural Culture – PANACA

PANACA’s slogan “Without a field, there is no city”, says it all. This park has managed to bring millions of national and international tourists to the activities of the countryside. The PANACA was born in 1999 in Quindío, with the objective of “… rescuing the importance and the values of the countryman, through the interactivity of man with nature and domestic zoology …”. Currently, it has another headquarters in Zipaquirá, and it’s developing a new project in Puebla, Mexico.

The first Park, located in Quimbaya between Armenia and Pereira, has eight thematic stations where you can interact with animals and feed them. Also, there are about 30-minute shows for children. Also, there are other attractions such as the “Mirador”(Balcony), restaurants and rest areas.

Chicamocha National Park

Also known as PANACHI, this park was inaugurated less than ten years ago and has become one of the main tourist attractions of Santander and the country. One of its strengths is the diversity of outdoor activities as well as the stunning views of Chicamocha Canyon. In the historical and cultural aspect, you will find the Guane Museum, with archaeological pieces of the region. The Square, with restaurants and shops of crafts, and the Monument to “Santandereanidad”.

Although if you come want to enjoy the breathtaking scenario, prepare for extreme adventures such as paragliding over the canyon, travel one or several flights in flight, or move quickly in the air, about 15m high, on the swing extreme. However, if you are coming to the park with your family and kids, there are other activities such as a cable flight for children and activities like the Goats Park, Ostrich Park, the Ice Rink or the 4D movie theatre.


5 Theme Parks in Colombia

Divercity is an urban theme park dedicated exclusively to children between 3 and 13 years old. The goal is to show kids how to develop in the city life, so recreate different professions and situations of adult life in which they interact. Several business partners are present here to teach young people about their role in the city and how they can get involved. The fire station, the bank, the hairdresser, the university, the hospital, the theatre, the language school, the mechanics, the bus terminal and the food court, are some of the more than 50 places where different occupations and professions.

Divercity was inaugurated in 2006 in Bogota and currently has offices in Medellín, Barranquilla and Lima, Peru. It’s the perfect plan for families with kids.


This science and technology theme park is one of the most interesting attractions in Bogota. No matter what ages, sizes, professions or interests, all who visit Maloka loves their experiential activities. Do you know how cool your brain is? Are you afraid of Earthquakes? Do you think you know enough about Colombia? Do you have any more questions? In Maloka you will surely find the answer to all of them.

Here our selection with 5 fabulous theme parks in Colombia. Do you want to add another theme park? Comment!

A Visit to the gold museum of Bogota, heritage of Colombia

A Visit to the gold museum of Bogota allowed you to immerse yourself in the rich and magical prehispanic spirit of Colombia. Although historically Colombians inhabitants are a blend of cultures, the country itself has a strong indigenous essence. The gold museum of Bogota highlights the richness and traditions of the civilisations that inhabited the valleys and mountains of what we all known as Colombia.

The gold museum of Bogota: Understanding the Past

To understand the present culture of a country, it’s necessary to discover its cultural past. Hence it’s very important to visit museums and places that expose the traces of the human being through time. When visiting a place it’s important to understand its history, to try to learn about the exploits, the creativity and the mistakes of the past if possible. But equally about the traditions that transcend through time to become indelible.

Gold Museum: Cultural and anthropological wealth of Colombia

A Visit to the gold museum of Bogota, heritage of Colombia

If you are planning a visit to the gold museum of Bogota, you have to prepare yourself to be a witness of the largest collection of pieces of gold and ceramic pre-Hispanic in the world. Thousands and thousands of objects that explain in detail the life and history of well-organized civilisations that inhabited Colombia. But, do you know who inhabited Colombian soil before the arrival of the European settlers? As in other regions of South America, the towns were organised by ethnic groups defined according to the geographical area. The Communities that lives in Colombia: Muiscas, Tolimas, Calimas, Nariño, Quimbaya, Sinú, Taironas among many others.

It’s necessary to see the exhibits in the gold museum, to understand and get an idea of the cultural identity of the country. In figures of gold and ceramics, can be seen images of everyday activities like agriculture, fishing, mining and goldsmithing. These societies, well structured, exchanged products among them with the famous “barter”.

The wealth of the exhibits is immeasurable. Some pieces of gold seem made by current jewellers, which is admirable considering the artefacts they used. The quantity and quality of the objects of the gold museum are a sign of the cultural richness of Colombia.

Collection: The gold seen differently

The gold museum of Bogot

The building that houses the gold museum of Bogota comprises 4 floors full of rooms; Which in turn are replete with thousands of figures surviving through time, bad weather conditions and the infamous looting. Regarding the museum, gold covers all its walls as if the museums represents the legend of “El Dorado”. The Dorado that for centuries everyone looked for but no one couldn’t find it.

Seeing so much gold will give you a very strange feeling because today gold is synonymous with wealth. But it’s surprising to know that for indigenous communities, gold was a decorative element with a purely emotional value. A Visit to the gold museum of Bogota gives you a different perspective of the world, a world seen through indigenous eyes, those who believed in the strangers, who pitifully saw the world with avarice.